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Mike Gouldhawke on Land as a Social Relation

December 22, 2022 C. Derick Varn Season 1 Episode 144
Varn Vlog
Mike Gouldhawke on Land as a Social Relation
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Mike Gouldhawke is a Métis & Cree writer, whose family is from kistahpinanihk (City of Prince Albert) and nêwo-nâkîwin (Mont Nebo) in Treaty 6 territory in Saskatchewan.  He is also an amateur Marxologist and has written for publications like Briarpatch, New Inquiry, and Redwire on both indigenous and Marxist issues and their overlap.   Today we talk primarily about his article in Brairpatch, "Land as a Social Relationship."  but also the weaving of Marxism in the indigenous rights and first nations movements in Canada.   We also talk about some of the perils and virtues of Marxology and why it may be important.   You can find his writings on his blog and links to his other work here.

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